Cookies That Look Like Ice Cream – Kawaii Cookies

Cookies That Looks Like Ice Cream Kawaii Food Blog
Pretty cookies that look like ice cream made by Tradewind Tiaras.

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3 Responses to Cookies That Look Like Ice Cream – Kawaii Cookies

  1. Yom says:

    Thanks, Kelly. It was A LOT of cookies but so worth. The kids at socohl loved them! You can get the gingham boxes from my etsy shop. Just click the shop button on my right side bar.

  2. Jessie says:

    Horses are NOT colorblind. If you want to test, that IS a good way, but make sure the cnolrolted factor is true, because if it was different food, the horse might be attracted to his/her favorite. The colors of the rainbow might be good, but also neon colors and dull colors would be good contrast!I have a horse, and she is not colorblind! Some horses have a favorite color like us, believe it or not. My horses favorite color is purple, like mine. I tested it against pink, green and blue! My objective was painting my hands a color and holding a carrot star in each.Good job on your honors making!References :

  3. Sebastian says:

    all hail the rainbow folks… and their famliies and friends!may you all have a great canada day, tomorrow – though i still prefer to call it: dominion day… rolls off the tongue much more easily… and why all those clowns in gubbamint should leave well enough alone!like a pal put it: IF IT AIN’T BROKE, FIX IT… TIL IT IS!

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